Zenex Corporation


The Zenex Corporation

Formed in 1989, The Zenex Corporation is a not for profit corporation with a mission statement that is the sole purpose of research into the areas of non traditional abduction and/or abduction under extraordinary circumstances.

All subjects and candidates are vetted under the strictest of criteria and have voluntarily signed non disclosure agreements on the subject of release of materials of a sensitive nature to the public. Laurence Windom, CEO of the Zenex Corporation is a former employee of Project Blue Book and a variety of U.S. government research projects. Laurence Windom has been involved in philanthropy for the last 30 years and with numerous non profit organizations currently still active. The Zenex Corporation, under Laurence Windom, developed the SILENT THREAT WEBSITE as a blog first in 1999, then to a full website in 2003. In 2007, the website was updated to include a revolutionary interactive social media component. In 2009, the Zenex Corporation developed the proprietary software for The STAR TRAVELER PROGRAM which still remains under developement.



About the Filmmakers

Symbiotic Productions is a New York based Production Company which specializes in Motion Graphics, Post Production, New Media and original content development.   Some of the clients we have served have included CHASE SAPPHIRE, YAHOO, CANNON, JET BLUE, INDIE PIX and numerous independent film makers. In 2003, Symbiotic productions was restructured to provide post production services for independent filmmakers ranging from Visual Effects to New Media. n 2009 he produced the animated short, "THE SECRET LIFE OF COINS", which received an award for honorable mention at the 2009 Long Island Latino Film Festival. The short film based on this project, SILENT THREAT: PRELUDE" had its premiere in the 2012 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, The Anthology New Film Maekrs Series and has won best short film award at the Big Mini DV film festival. SILENT THREAT has been currently released as part of a webisode entitled SILENT THREAT: ANTHOLOGY.