Silent Threat

Silent Threat: The webisodes

Episode One: Prelude

16 min, Copyright 2013

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Silent threat tracks the stories of different characters who use a social media website for UFO abductees called "Silent Threat". Pete Winston, a former freelance news reporter, uses the Silent Threat site to submit a video testimonial of an incident in which he discovers a crashed UFO in Iowa thirty years earlier.

Episode Two: Prologue

16 min, Copyright 2013

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Pete Winston's continued interest in investigating other UFO incidents clashes with the mandate of the Silent Threat site and it's artificial intelligence, Naima.

Episode Three : The Disappeared
14 min, 2015

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

A private investigator named Scatter Rodriguez uncovers the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called "The Disappeared" while investigating a case of corporate espionage. Scatter begins to see"visions" of the enigmatic beings as he discovers the focus of his new clients interest involves alien technology.


The Probe

9 min, 2017 (360 Virtual Reality)
Written and Directed by Aldo Romero

An automated space probe named "Annie Em" encounters an extraterrestrial spacecraft on Titan. This is the story of Earth's first fully aware and functioning artificial intelligence. Too bad Earth will never know. The questions posed in this piece stretch the definitions on what is considered intelligence and fully sentient awareness.

The 3D designs of "Annie Em", the probe spacecraft and all science are based on many of the designs of the real life space mission, theHuygens, an atmospheric entry probe that landed successfully on Saturn's moon Titan in 2005. Built and operated by the European Space Agency, it was part of the Cassini–Huygens mission and became the first spacecraft ever to land on Titan and the farthest landing from Earth a spacecraft has ever made.


Silent Threat: Background


The Zenex Corporation

Formed in 1989, The Zenex Corporation is a not for profit corporation with a mission statement that is the sole purpose of research into the areas of non traditional abduction and/or abduction under extraordinary circumstances.

All subjects and candidates are vetted under the strictest of criteria and have voluntarily signed non disclosure agreements on the subject of release of materials of a sensitive nature to the public. Laurence Windom, CEO of the Zenex Corporation is a former employee of Project Blue Book and a variety of U.S. government research projects. Laurence Windom has been involved in philanthropy for the last 30 years and with numerous non profit organizations currently still active. The Zenex Corporation, under Laurence Windom, developed the SILENT THREAT WEBSITE as a blog first in 1999, then to a full website in 2003. In 2007, the website was updated to include a revolutionary interactive social media component. In 2009, the Zenex Corporation developed the proprietary software for The STAR TRAVELER PROGRAM which still remains under developement.

Notes on project codenamed: EVE

Internal memos show that project manager, Laurence Windom, lost controlling interest in the Zenex Corporation through an annexation disguised as a legal hostile take over initiated by the U.S. GOVERNMENT.  Windom was framed as an embezzler, but this was a cover up for the fact that factions within the U.S. Government wanted to militarize the project codenamed: EVE. Windom claimed to want the project for peaceful scientific exploration. His real motivation was to discover the fate of his late wife, Margaret and the nature of the non corporeal beings called the ADMINISTRATORS with whom Margaret had made contact with.

Among the many discoveries into the nature of extraterrestrials is the fact that Windom was quoted as saying the Administrators had given him the solution to the “Fermi Paradox”, but he would not share that conclusion.  He also claimed that the idea that hybrids was among the human race was academic because the human race was a hybrid race to begin with. (25% by design since the break between primitive humans and homo sapiens.)

The being which they had made contact with was a creature named, EVE. The reason for the name was the beings very compelling power it had over anyone it made contact with. Upon contact, the subject would be subjected to intense sexual feelings combined with lack of moral inhibitions. The result would be called the “Eve effect” as it was compared with being tempted and once giving in to the said temptations, would do anything, even violent acts, to fulfill that temptation. Windom proposed that since there were indications that the being could have been interacting with humans for thousands of years, it is possible that she could be the inspiration for the concept of “Eve” in the the biblical legend of Adam and Eve.

One other side effect is that the subjects would then be highly susceptible to suggestion or even brainwashing. It was concluded that the influence of the creature over a subject was so strong, that a combination of hypnosis therapy and subliminal messages in the Silent Threat website could be used to control a subject. One early conclusion was that this effect could be used to create sleeper assassins for military use. This was one of the principal reasons for the militarization of the project.

Another finding is that a properly trained subject has an incredibly high aptitude for use in “Remote Viewing”.  Margaret Windom lost consciousness and fell into a permanent coma during a session of remote viewing where she had reported feeling herself transported to another planet code named: Reiker Five, named after General Reiker, the military liaison in charge with interfacing the Zenex Corporation with the defense department.

The early final conclusions on practical tests were mixed results. It was concluded that the results were too unreliable for military use. There was speculation that elements within  the defense department continued black op funding on the project contrary to the official story that the project was scrapped.


Submission Requirements



All candidates must pass a vigorous background check and must sign a waiver giving the Zenax Corporation to do through background checks. Waivers will be sent via mail or electronically upon request after passing initial case review and approval. Upon approval, candidates will be sent supporting materials and designated a case classification.

All cases are classified into three categories.:

Classification A: Contact

Classification B: Sighting with documentation.

Classification C: Sighting with no documentation.

* Documentation is usually associated with an event that is supported by photographic or forensic evidence. It should be noted that there is no clear case with undisputable forensic evidence.

* There is no classification for contact with documentation as there is no case of this category that is known to exist.

For further information and inquires into candidacy eligability or status, click here





Scenes from the webisode, "SILENT THREAT".


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