14 minutes, USA

Director: Aldo Romero

A private investigator named Scatter Rodriguez uncovers the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called "The Disappeared" while investigating a case of corporate espionage. Scatter begins to see"visions" of the enigmatic beings as he discovers the focus of his new clients interest involves alien technology.

The WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING of the second installment in the SILENT THREAT: Anthology , "THE DISAPPEARED", was featured at the 2015 Philip K. Dick Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas .


Winner: Best Web Series

2015 Philip K. Dick Film Festival




Based on interviews of incident # 1BR533, September 15, 1986 and the award winning short film of the same name, see the first installment of the anthology, "SYMBIOSIS" in it's entirety, without interruption on vimeo.